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Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is a herb with small oval leaves, square stems and tiny white or pale purple flowers. Marjoram is very similar to oregano, but it has a finer texture and milder flavor and pleasant sweet-spicy scent and slightly minty, citrus taste. Marjoram is known to stimulate appetite and support digestion. Also, it has calming and stress relieving properties. Marjoram helps to lower blood pressure and is thus recommened to people with a heart condition. Marjoram's flavor also works well with cheese, tomato, bean or egg dishes. Marjoram is most often used in recipes of French or English origin, whereas oregano's more robust flavor is often called for in the recipes of Italian, Greek, North African and Mexican cuisines. Marjoram leaves are best used fresh, as their flavor is sweeter and milder.

You can take me out of the nursery, and put me in the growing chamber after: 15-20 days

You can harvest me after: 12-16 weeks

About the Seeds: Natufia Labs does not compromise with the quality of its seeds, an essential part of the success of the Natufia KG: About 3 to 7 seeds are included in each one of the 6 seedpods provided in the box. Our seeds are strictly non-GMO and certified both organic and DEMETER, (today’s most strict certificate for seeds). Seedpods are patent protected and made of rockwool. Seeds you will receive have been all tested thoroughly at Natufia Labs and are produced as much locally as possible, respecting international restrictions on trade of seeds.

Each pack of seedpods comes with pre-printed plant label stickers, so you would be able to keep track of each of the plants growing inside the nursery.