Where to buy the Natufia Kitchen Garden?

The Natufia Kitchen Garden is available to buy from our Preferred Partners (with a demo Natufia) and Certified Resellers (without a Natufia in their showrooms) in the following countries:







Monaco / Monte-Carlo

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States


  • Countries listed above: You can visit or contact one of our retail / design partners at their store at various locations around the world. For accessories and seeds, you can buy them directly here online.
  • Other countries: You can buy the Natufia Kitchen Garden, its accessories and all the seeds directly here online.


NOTE: Natufia Labs is currently updating this page and the list of our resellers. The new page will be published June 10, 2019 with the details and contact information of our resellers, including in new countries not listed above. We apologize for the inconvenience.


For information about where to buy a Natufia Kitchen Garden today, please write us to the following address, indicating your country of residence: inquiries[at]natufia.com 


We are sorry for this temporay inconvenience.


If you are a showroom, a retailer, a distributor and you are interested to offer the Natufia Kitchen Garden to your clients, please refer to the page here.