SPAs & Nutrition Centers


Phytotherapeutics (well being from plants), whether it is in a nutrition center or in a specialized SPA imposes strict conditions on the sourcing of the seeds and the origins of the plants. It must be above all fully reliable and safe.

The Natufia Kitchen Garden today offers the opportunity to experiment, grow and harvest on site almost any plant anytime during the year, except roots.



  • It's GMO and pesticide free, fully traceable source.
  • It's simple to use. Our machine does all of the work – a fresh mint without the messy soil in the garden—grown in your center near the clients and in music!. NATUFIA automatically controls feeding, watering and light cycles—all you do is pick the seed pods, place it in a nursery tray, and then later transfer it into the vertical garden. The fully automated process nurtures your plants to full maturity.
  • It's all year round.
  • It's beautiful, it's relaxing...

  • Why not reassuring your clients that not a drop of chemical compound or pesticide will reach them during the treatment?         
  • Why not having your patrons going to the Natufia, opening the door, letting the nature sound of the machine filling the room for an instant and directly handpicking their remedies or making a fresh plant infusion or a fresh smoothie without having to step outside?




The Natufia Labs Botanic Team is here to direct you toward how best those medicinal plants can grow in your Natufia Kitchen Garden.

Let your secret garden be your secret!