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More and more hotels are acquiring a Natufia Kitchen Garden. Why?

A - Because, as for restaurants, the Natufia KG is becoming an essential tool for those chefs that are keen on TRUE taste and the total traceability of what they serve in their clients' plates.

B - Because many hotels understand by now the environmental challenge that we are facing and how increasingly sensitive clientele is to that particular topic about sourcing and the environment.

C - Because when you do the math, you understand that compared to all other options to get a Natufia in your kitchen, acquisition gives your establishment the best possible ROI.

- Because simply beyond being a clear political statement to clients, the presence of a Natufia Kitchen Garden at the bar or in the dining hall is simply a true show that celebrates the beauty of nature.

- Because there is no seasonality. It's right there. Clients can even go and help themselves harvesting what they want directly from the Natufia Kitchen Garden all year round.


Natufia labs has already engaged with large hotel organizations such as Accor Luxury and Four Seasons for future equipment of a number of their prestigious locations.

More technical information for the hospitality industry:

Natufia One Pager

One pager addressed to the chefs and F&B Directors

Technical Specification Sheet

Technical specifications of the Natufia Kitchen Garden including dimensions, power and water consumption, installation options and plant growth main data.

Natufia Kitchen Garden Official Brochure

Official brochure for the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Natufia Herb Menu

Periodically updated menu list of plants selected for and tested in the Natufia Kitchen Garden, with details on time from seed-to-harvest and flavors.



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