Main documents:

Natufia Kitchen Garden 1 pager introductory note

What is the Natufia Kitchen Garden?... in a few bullet points...

Natufia Kitchen Garden Official Brochure ENG

Official brochure for the Natufia Kitchen Garden in English.

The Natufia Menu

Periodically updated menu list of plants selected for and tested on the Natufia Kitchen Garden, with details on time from seed-to-harvest and flavors, 4 pages.

Natufia Kitchen Garden Product Technical Sheet

See if it fits in your kitchen and the low consumption levels that it involves.

Productivity and ROI

This document reviews the production capacity in terms of variety and quantity and provides indicators about the ROI on the Natufia Kitchen Garden for users compared to other systems

Pricing Retail

This document provides details about pricing (retail) and other expenses within the European Union

Pricing Wholesale

This document provides details about pricing (wholesale) and other expenses within the European Union


Background Documents about Natufia Labs:

Interview with Natufia Labs CEO Gregory Lu

Get the insider's view on Natufia Labs and the origins of the Natufia Kitchen Garden


Videos, Pictures, Press Coverage, Social Medias:


Videos and Video Coverage on the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Official Natufia Kitchen Garden Videos and Videos from various international press coverage

Sample Picture Gallery of the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Some pictures of the Natufia Kitchen Garden and what grows inside. Do not hesitate to contact us for more pictures

Press Coverage about the Natufia Kitchen Garden

See for yourself  the extent of the international press coverage that the Natufia Kitchen Garden has inspired.

Social Media

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Natufia Kitchen Garden Blogs

Natufia Blog  Helery's Blog


Partnerships & Order Form:


Natufia Partnership Chart & Application

This document explains the different level of partnerships offered by Natufia Labs to its partnering retailers:

A - Preferred Partner

B - Partner

C - Certified Reseller


Natufia Partnership Application Form (Word Doc)

This is the document to fill-in when you would like to become a official reseller of the Natufia Kitchen Garden in one of the three forms offered above (A,B,C). You can either download the document and fill-in the required information or you can print it out and scan it back to us attached to an email at 


Order Form (in Euro)

Reserve and Order your Natufia Kitchen Garden to make sure you will be delivered soon. The form is pdf with areas where you can enter type directly in the document to fill-in the information required to fulfill your order. ATT! To save your data on this form, you must (a) download the form on your computer (don't fill it in on your web browser) and (b) use "save as" with the name or your organization after you have finished filling the data. Otherwise, the data will not be saved. The form must be sent to After received, one of our member of the sales team will contact you for delivery details. Please click on the link above and download the form.