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Winter 2018-19


by Natufia Labs


Natufia Kitchen Garden at Living Kitchen in Cologne Jan 14-18

Meet us and the Natufia Kitchen Garden at Living Kitchen in Cologne Jan 14-18, Hall 4.1, Stand C 034. (Kimocon). It will be busy, so let's make an appointment:


Haute Cuisine - Lavazza Master Chef Zanoni, Natufia Ambassador, receives Natufia’s latest Kitchen Garden Model

Excitement was visible the day the Natufia Labs team installed the new Natufia Kitchen Garden model at Master Chef Simone Zanoni’s private kitchen studio near Versailles. Zanoni is a Michelin star chef, currently the executive Chef at the prestigious Four Seasons George V hotel in Paris. He is also passionate about taste and plants. He is also co-managing the WWF Potager du Roy, the Royal Herb Garden at Versailles. Zanoni joined Natufia Labs team last February, not only as Chef Ambassador, but also as a full member of the development team for the latest version of the Natufia Kitchen Garden. Simone Zanoni's son eating fresh salad directly from their Natufia Kitchen Garden at home. Now, a month after he received his new Natufia, Chef Zanoni gives us a little tour of his Natufia and of his plants and share his impressions in this home video. Great video! Thank you Simone for your professionalism, your trust and your love of plants.


France - Natufia KG sold at 3 Bulthaup stores in Paris

It's official! Natufia Kitchen Garden sold at 3 additional prestigious Paris locations. The Paris based German high street kitchen designer Bulthaup is pleased to welcome you to admire the Natufia Kitchen Garden at its prestigious Bulthaup Raspail showroom, 19 Blv Raspail, near Blv St Germain in the 7th arrondissement. You can now order the Natufia Kitchen Garden from any of the following Parisian Bulthaup locations: Bulthaup Raspail (18 Blv Raspail, 7th arr, Tel: +33-1 45 49 10 05), Bulthaup Trocadero (25 bis rue Benjamin Franklin, 16th arr, Tel: +33-1 56 90 19 19) and Bulthaup Bastille (64 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, 12th arr. Tel: +33-1 56 90 19 12). A professional team will welcome you there to discuss your best options to smoothly integrate your Natufia Kitchen Garden in your latest upscale kitchen desires.


UK – CEOToday tests the Natufia Kitchen Garden

London, UK: The UK based top exec favorite magazine with international circulation has taken a look at the Natufia Kitchen Garden, this is what they have to say…

France – Leading appliance distributor Boulanger to sell the Natufia Kitchen Garden online and across most of its stores

Lille, France: The Natufia Kitchen Garden has been on display at the prestigious Parisian Department store BHV Marais since last September in a special display arranged by Natufia Labs. Now negotiations are under way to increase the number of Boulanger stores with Natufia KGs. We are particularly hoping for Galeries Lafayette to be among the next ones. 

New clinical trials confirm lettuce grown in Natufia contain maximum vitamins. Chefs confirm they contain maximum taste

. Tartu, Estonia. Chefs have been approving the taste. Now science confirms the ”400% above standard” vitamin level content of the greens that grow hydroponically in the Natufia Kitchen Garden.


Natufia’s European Retail Partnership Winter Tour

Could not make it to Cologne but intetested to start selling the Natufia Kitchen Garden? You are in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia? Book your meeting now with Natufia’s Director of Sales at your location during January and February 2019 and receive our retail partnership contract.


Op-Ed by Pierre Blime, Director of Sales & Marketing, Natufia Labs


Where does Natufia stand today?

The market for individual indoor kitchen gardens or small hydroponic systems has been getting a lot of attention in the past three years and this is just growing. Outside the fashionable trend, we have seen that there is evidently a sizeable demand from people of many different horizons to get a better control on what they eat, to access healthy food all year round at home and to get a true taste back in their plates.

Natufia Labs, with the Natufia Kitchen Garden v1.0 is claiming to head for the top-of-market position. Why?

We have both the technology and the ergonomics to be market leaders. We managed to miniaturize the technology of large hydroponic automated system and to make it fit in almost any kitchen. Within the spectrum of products in this market, we are progressively but surely capturing the market space left between one extremity segment consisting of the table-top home plant growing kit group, and the other end of the spectrum consisting in large-scale hydroponic operations (factory floors, containers, tunnels, farms). Out of the many attempts by products to compete on this same central market segment, the Natufia Kitchen Garden remains today the one that is making headlines. Simply because it’s not just the only one that really works, but mostly because it offers what the market is asking for and what other products are not (yet) offering.

The Natufia Kitchen Garden proposes at the same time automation (no gardening), simultaneous multiple crops (100+ sorts of plants, 32 growing at the same time in the main chamber), hydroponics (no soil), and a reasonable fridge-like size that allows a simple integration in all kitchens. In addition, our upstream ceramic pot system provides Natufia with a clear edge. This patented system allows not only to let plants decide what they take (no more, no less), but also allows for a larger space for roots and therefore for a larger crop size (see below the story of Magnus, our 1.58 m long tomato plant). Once the trend effect will soften-up, people will essentially look at five combined factors before making a purchase: Price, reliability, choice, ROI and autonomy. If we are considering those four factors as founding cornerstones of our product, it’s because we aim to become the reference product in this emerging market, the one other future products will compare to. Thanks to the great support of Chefs and high-end kitchen designers, we are up for something great. Our best wishes for the holiday season and for the upcoming year. We hope to start this year on the right foot by seeing you in Cologne in January!


Weiland Restaurant in Berlin

Berlin, Dec 17, 2018: Weiland restaurant, located near Postdamer Platz, in partnership with Metro Deutschland has receievd not one but three Natufia Kitchen Garden that were set up in its main dinning hall, to provide its client with direct access to freshly grown tomatoes, herbs and salads during opening hours. 


Natufia finally on the home turf

Tallinn, Estonia: Many Estonians know or have heard about the Natufia Kitchen Garden, but very few suspect that it’s actually an Estonian product. Despite being an hybrid of French inspiration, German engineering and Estonian technology, the Natufia Kitchen Garden is indeed an Estonian product and part of the Estonian success story as recently depicted in France24 and CNBC. It is manufactured in Tallinn at Natufia Labs headquarters and most employees are Estonian. The Natufia Kitchen Garden was for the first time unveiled to the local Estonian market last October at the Tallinn Food Fair and then again at the Startup Expo in November at the Solaris Center and was warmly welcome. The first Estonian restaurant will be equipped with a Natufia KG in mid December.


What’s Next with Natufia Labs?

  • Natufia at Slush Helsinki Dec 04-05, 2018
  • Paris luxury high profile real estate developer COGEMAD is renewing its trust in equipping its new luxury apartments with Natufia KG
  • Berlin restaurant Weiland to receive its first 3 Natufia Kitchen Gardens in December.
  • First restaurant in Tallinn to be equipped with Natufia Kitchen Garden.
  • Natufia Kitchen Garden soon to be reviewed by BBC Emma Crawforth.
  • The Natufia Kitchen Garden to be present at Living Kitchen Show in Cologne in January 2018
  • New packaging for the Natufia seedpods to be introduced
  • 20 new organic seeds to be introduced and marketed over the next 5 months


Natufia Kitchen Garden Wonders:

This is Magnus. Magnus is a tomato plant, that was 1.58 m long when we harvested it from the Natufia Kitchen Garden. As far as hydroponics is considered, Magnus could only have grown in either a large hydroponic unit or in the Natufia Kitchen Garden.



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