Natufia Kitchen Garden Press Kit

Introductory documents about Natufia Labs and the Natufia Kitchen Garden:

Natufia Kitchen Garden One pager EN

 A quick overview of the Natufia Kitchen Garden.

Natufia Kitchen Garden One pager FR

 A quick overview of the Natufia Kitchen Garden in French.

Natufia Kitchen Garden Official Brochure

Official brochure for the Natufia Kitchen Garden in English, 4 pages

Natufia Labs Company Introduction

Presentation of Natufia Labs Inc., its vision, its products, its team.

Herb Menu Natufia

Periodically updated menu list of plants selected for and tested on the Natufia Kitchen Garden, with details on time from seed-to-harvest and flavors, 4 pages


Videos and Video Coverage on the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Official Natufia Kitchen Garden Videos and Videos from various international press coverage


High Resolution Pictures (300 DPI)

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Other Pictures

Find all the original lower resolution pictures to download here


Social Media

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Natufia Kitchen Garden Blogs

Natufia Blog  Helery's Blog

Interviews in International Press

Natufia Labs on United Emirates TV   Natufia Labs on Mashable in French

Press release Colette Expo Paris April 2017

Official press release to announce the April-May 2017 joint Expo at the Colette Boutique in Paris

Interview Gregory LU, CEO Natufia Labs

July 2017. Gregory explains the story behind Natufia, the product challenges and the vision that drives it.

Interview Gregory LU, CEO Natufia Labs FR

Gregory Lu révèle tous les secrets de la société et du Natufia Kitchen Garden: Une aventure passionnante.