Natufia at Colette


Maison Francis Kurkdijan and Natufia Labs

NATUFIA Kitchen Garden

Florist Fabien Joly setting up the Natufia Kitchen Garden 

Co-founder Gregory Lu 

Team of Chefs in training by the CREA institute being debriefed by Gregory Lu and Pierre Blime, Director of Sales, on the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Wider-angle view of the Boutique Colette on rue St Honoré with the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Pierre Blime with Pavillon Ledoyen and 1947 Executive Chef Gerard Barbin

Pierre Blime with Pavillon Ledoyen Sous-Chef Martino Ruggieri

Colette Rousseau, co-founder of the Colette store and Gregory Lu, co-founder of Natufia Labs, seen in the window reflexion of the Natfia Kitchen Garden freshly exposed on Colette's window rue St Honoré