What is in a few words the Natufia Kitchen Garden?
A fully automated garden system for indoors that was designed by chefs for chefs and professional use. It’s the ultimate farm-to-table 0 machine that allows everyone to compose with various purely organic flavors and original tastes. It was designed to fit in most professional and private kitchens. One machine yields the auto-sufficient supply in greens for a family all year round. Bye bye pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, fertilizers and carbon footprints! It’s about time to be safe about what we eat.
Why did it take Natufia Labs 3 years of research and testing before the machine was made available?
Some of you are familiar with hydroponics and know that it’s been successful for many years. Hydroponics is about not using soil, but adversely requires a lot of manpower. The real technological mastery that was achieved along those years by Natufia Labs was to miniaturize automatization processes that so far only existed with much larger hydroponic gardening structures. When you start to think about the perfect machine that combines full automatization (effortless gardening) with the possibility to grow various plants (32 to 64) at the same time, all of which being done within a nicely presentable space that fits in small professional kitchens or in a typical home kitchen space and that still needs to remain affordable, then you understand the significant design and technological barriers that took us 3 years to overcome. Many hydroponic machines can be developed faster and may be much cheaper, but once they operate, they need lots of maintenance, have limited yield and do not allow for much variety unless they become truly unaffordable and take the entire space of a professional kitchen.
How can I buy one?
You should look for one of our retail partners near you. You can also pre-order or reserve one here on our website or by sending us a request by email at inquiries[at]natufia.com.
What can I grow in the Natufia Kitchen Garden?
We have tested so far over a 100 herbs and plants and the list keep extending as we are continuously testing new seeds. See for yourself some examples here.
How many plants can grow at the same time in the Natufia Kitchen Garden?
The Natufia KG is equipped with 32 ceramic pots, a number that can be increased to 64. Alternatively, it can be easily fit with 128 microgreens plates. It was designed to allow for the full flexibility of a mix between ceramic pots and microgreen plates to suit the user’s preferences.
Do plants grow faster than in Nature?
The Natufia KG has no ambition to be a Frankenstein machine. Our ambition is to stay as close to complete natural conditions as possible, simply because we aim at keeping the authenticity of the original taste of our products. Some plants grow faster, some other grow a bit slower. But the average time and yield equation stays very close to the one in full nature conditions.
Where do I get the seeds?
We have a catalog of over 100 seeds. Most of them available to buy directly from this website here. All seeds are guaranteed organic and cost on average less than 1 € /₤/$
Can I plant my own seeds?
Yes of course. We can supply you with capsules for that. You would just have to plant the seed inside the capsule and place it in the nursery to get the organic growth process starting.
When do I know it’s a good time to move the seedling from the nursery to the ceramic pot?
It’s a matter of space. Plants need space to grow. When the seedling reaches a height of about 1 to 5 cm, we recommend moving it to the main compartment of the machine.
How do I install it?
The machine installs like a small dishwasher (water in, water out, electricity). For total functionality, we recommend connection to your Wi-Fi network, which will allow you to control it remotely and to get alerts and updates. But the machine can also work well in a standalone setting, requiring only electricity. Standalone installation means that the user must fill-in the water tank manually every day. The Kitchen Garden is equipped with an on board computer that provides an easy a step-by-step installation process where you can choose your preferred installation mode.
What is the Internet connection needed for?
The Wi-Fi connection is optional, but is a true part of the technological innovative content of the Natufia KG. By connecting it to the Wi-Fi, you will be able to monitor and control your machine from any remote PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition, the machine will receive software updates and be remotely monitored by the Natufia Labs Help Desk in Tallinn for any possible malfunctions. The machine was built so that even some repairs, such as pump cleaning, can operated at distance via the Wi-Fi.
Is it true that there is a playlist that plays music for the plants?
Yes, there are various choices of music for your plants. We can’t wait to publish your experience feedback on our website!
How long a machine lasts?
The Natufia Kitchen Garden was designed by chefs for chefs and therefore designed to last. All materials and components were thoroughly tested to last over the 10 years milestone. But they may last even longer.
What type of maintenance is needed?
Overall very little. We recommend once a year maintenance check and cleaning for optimal results. The machine’s on board computer provides users with an easy step-by-step cleaning and maintenance program.
What type of warranty covers the machine?
Natufia Labs covers the first year. After that, the warranty depends on your sales contract with your local wholesaler that will deliver and install the machine. Most of them offer extended warranty contracts. If sold directly by us (only in some countries), we can provide after-sale services and extended warranty contracts.

More information?

We have more detailed professional information ready to be sent to you (full list of herbs that grow in the Natufia / more technical data about the machine / list of distributors near you / pricing plans, etc.). You may either request that information by filling the form on our support page or sending us an email at inquiries@natufia.com. You may also give us a call directly or have us call you back.