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In the very beginning of things, it was just a meeting between a serial entrepreneur, a hydroponics genius, an interior designer and a Chef that simply could not stand by as passive witnesses of the loss of original taste of food and of the damage to our health and to the environment that the food industry has progressively imposed upon all of us today.

After 4 years of substantive investments and efforts, Natufia Labs has become a leading research lab and a specialized manufacturer of high technology content hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share our vision about original taste, traceability, pesticides, GMOs, herbicides, and the responsibility we all have toward our planet.

Our team is composed of professionals that not only are very good at what they do but who too feel concerned and have decided to do something about it. Like you, we have families, we have concerns, we are overall nostalgic about what food used to be, how tasteful it was, how safe it was. Working at Natufia Labs is not just a “job”. It’s a very honorable mission with a vision.


They Love Natufia!

*** Chef Emmanuel Renaut

French Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux Emmanuel Renaut is the highly acclaimed three Michelin star chef of Flocons de Sel in Megève. He was crowned the 6th Chef worldwide in Monte Carlo in November 2017. His cuisine is based around local and seasonal produce, highlighting it with modern techniques and surprises. Emmanuel has 3 magical alpine herbs gardens just a few meters away from his kitchen. Herbs and plants are an integral part of his success. That's why he could not afford to be without his own traceable organic herb production also during winter days. Now his fourth garden is right in his kitchen! 



* Chef Simone Zanoni

Simone Zanoni is the Chef of Le George, the Mediterranean-style restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. He is also Natufia Labs' Official Ambassador Chef. Zanoni received a Michelin star for Le George in February 2017.  Zanoni is passionate about three things: Perfection, technology and herbs. He has recently been appointed as one of the directors of the Potagers du Roy in Versailles, one of the oldest and largest herb garden in the world. Zanoni is now broadcasting live cooking demonstrations to the world about how the Natufia Kitchen Garden and some other exclusive tools for master chefs are now an integral part of the future of the culinary art. More about Simone Zanoni and Natufia Labs.



Bulthaup Raspail

Bulthaup Raspail is one of the leading luxury kitchen showrooms in Paris and part of a company that owns three of the four Bulthaup stores in Paris. The Natufia Kitchen Garden is on display and on sale there, surrounded by top quality Bulthaup service, after sales services and one of the most professional luxury kitchen design teams in France.


COGEMAD Haute-Couture Estates & Interiors

Cogemad has been committed to create unique and exclusive residence and living spaces for the past 25 years. Cogemad is the holder of the world record for the most expensive piece of real estate ever sold, Château Louis XIV near Paris. Cogemad has started to equip its new exclusive properties with the Natufia Kitchen Garden.




International Designer Jana Tool

Estonian International Interior Designer who  has worked on extensive projects in Paris, Miami, Monaco and Tallinn.  Her achievement and the reason of her success are in the fusion of sustainable designs purposed for sustainable healthy living. She has been integrating the Natufia Kitchen Garden in the kitchens of a number of "conscious health" customers to make it an everyday pleasure for the eyes, the taste and the health.



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Read more about press coverage of the Natufia Kitchen Garden.



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