A vision in action: Techstars Graduation Presentation by Gregory Lu, CEO of Natufia Labs

May 02, 2018

Dubai - United Emirates, April 17th, 2018

Natufia Labs CEO Gregory Lu was presenting Natufia Labs achievements and development plan at the Dubai-based business accelerator Techstars' graduation ceremony. According to the local press, Natufia Labs was among the most promising companies to roll-out the intensive three month training program. Techstars is a Colorado-based international business accelerator program (www.techstars.com) with branches in 150 countries, and a network of 10,000 mentors and 30,000 alumni.  In exchange for 6% common stock, each company accepted into Techstars receives $20,000; plus a $100,000 convertible note, access to the Techstars network for life, over $1M worth of perks, and a three-month accelerator program. According to the local media, Natufia Labs is among the top graduates for the first Dubai-based program, a location that also is key to the future success of Natufia Labs. More about the program and Natufia Labs can be found in this Emirates TV report on our blog.

Gregory Lu's Podcast interview:

 Gregory Lu's Techstars Presentation:


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