Natufia Labs announces the launch of the "Green Grass Pad" accessory on St Patrick's Day 2018

March 14, 2018

No better time than St Patrick's day to be green and greener! 

Natufia Labs releases its latest accessory to the Natufia Kitchen Garden. The "Green Grass Pad" is a pad covered with natural artificial grass that will progressively replace the pebble stones at the bottom of the Natufia Kitchen Garden's racks. Lauri Urbalu, Director of R&D Botanics at Natufia Labs tells us that "the pad will look nicer than the pebble stones that were quite heavy and not always so easy to clean" (try to put a bunch of large pebble stones in your dishwasher...). "It will also contribute to an overall healthier environment for the plants and reduce very occasional splashes at the bottom of the machine" he adds. Other employees at Natufia Labs commented: "it looks much nicer too... giving the feeling and the peaceful look of a real garden at home". If you look carefully at the picture above you might also notice that some lucky St Patrick's day green are also happy to grow on it.  When even nature adopts it, it must be not so bad after all. The "Natufia Green Grass Pad" will soon be available on our webshop.

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