Natufia Kitchen Garden successfully passes its first showcase test in Paris

May 15, 2017

Natufia Labs was invited to showcase its Kitchen Garden for the first time in Paris. This was the opportunity for the Natufia team to meet many French chefs and professionals. For the Natufia Kitchen Garden it was the opportunity to successfully pass the ultimate introduction test in the land of Paul Bocuse.

The Kitchen Garden was exposed at the window of the prestigious Colette boutique for one week, from April 23 to April 29.  Colette is “the” landmark stores in Paris that has been edging trends and fashions for the past 20 years. The original idea was for the Kitchen Garden to take part of the ”Fashion Hack” exhibit at Colette and be presented with plants and herbs that inspired the star Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian for the composition of his new perfume ”Aqua Celestia”, a recent addition to the collection of the French luxury giant LVMH.  

Florist Fabien Joly and Francis Kurkdjian with Gregory Lu and Pierre Blime

The concept of the Natufia Kitchen Garden is the one of the ultimate “palette of recovered original flavours” that allows the top chef to let go their entire creativity in composing competitive menus. “We see no conflict between this concept developed for a grand chef and the same one applied to a star perfumer like Francis. Quite opposite: We are happy to discover that the Natufia Kitchen Garden has endless applications” comments Gregory Lu, Natufia Labs’ CEO on site at Colette.

Most important, this was the opportunity for the Natufia Labs team to present the machine face-to-face with the greatest chefs, answer their many questions and gather their impressions and visions about how revolutionary the Kitchen Garden can be in a top professional kitchen.

26 chefs came to see the Natufia during that week. ”It was just an exciting and almost mystical experience to be there, humble next to the giants, witnessing how those great names in French cuisine would react on the spot once in front of that machine splendidly glowing into the rue St Honoré” says Pierre Blime, Director of Sales for Natufia.

Natufia Kitchen Garden at Colette boutique in Paris


”The depth and technicality of the questions they asked were symptomatic of a genuine interest” Pierre adds. “No doubt we left an impression on them. (…) After they have been consulting on the spot the menu of herbs and plants that can grow in the Natufia, their minds were on the machine and on how it can transform the way they work and the way they get those extra stars tomorrow. (…) They had obviously not taken time off work just to pay us a polite visit to Colette" he comments. From Laurent Soliveres at the *** Guy Savoy to Philippe Labbé at the celeb Tour d’Argent restaurant and the Rostand Family, the Natufia team witnessed all sorts of very technical questions and genuine confirmations of interest.

Pierre with Gerard Barbin, Executive Chef at *** 1947 in Courchevel and *** Pavillon Ledoyen in ParisPierre Blime visiting Gerard Barbin, the Executive Chef at the *** 1947 in Courchevel and at the *** Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris


Top professionals from the industry also came to see the Kitchen Garden and meet with the Natufia Labs team. Many chefs, like Yannick Alléno’s top team, Pascal Barbot or Thierry Marx at the Mandarin Oriental also warmly welcomed Pierre at their restaurant for discussions about the Kitchen Garden. Discussions are under way for distribution in France. The first machines will be installed in the earliest part of the summer. “It’s evidently challenging, but the quality and innovative content of the Natufia opens many doors. For us this experience in France is the ultimate challenge: If we can make it in the most competitive kitchens in France, we can make it anywhere” concludes Pierre.

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