NATUFIA at the Bocuse d’Or Competition

February 03, 2017

Natufia Labs’ validation by the “greatest among the greatest” at the 30th Edition of the Bocuse d’Or competition Final at the SIRHA expo.

In a few minutes, the winner of the 30 years edition of the Bocuse d’Or Final will be announced. Scandinavians are, as usual, among the favorite nations, but France, the United States, and some Asian countries are expected to make the surprise. Represented by the talented Dimitri Ross, owner and Chef at Farm Restaurant, Estonia is there too to try to make the surprise.

NATUFIA’s Director of Sales Pierre Blime and NATUFIA’s special adviser Michelin star Chef Pierre Mathon are there, in the VIP area, to share those wonderful moments of delightful suspense with many of the top Chefs from all continents.

This year the vegetarian dish competition could make the difference. Pierre Blime was quoted saying that “ it’s a nice sign that the Committee and especially the leading Chefs of the world are paying more and more attention to the sustainable meaning of what people have on their plates”. In the words of Chef Regis Marcon, President of the Bocuse d’Or International Committee: “La cuisine ne peut qu’être belle quand elle nous rapproche de la nature” (“Cuisine can only be beautiful when it brings us closer to nature”).

Whether it is Joel Robuchon, Honorary President of this year’s competition, competing Norwegian Chef Davidsen from CAYA in Trondheim, Finnish Jury President Chef Pekka Teräva from Helsinki, visiting Chef Emmanuel Renaut from the Flocons de Sel in Megève or Chef Sturla Birgisson, Icelandic Jury President, their interest in NATUFIA stem from the same facts: Their wish to go back to the roots of cooking and to give their clients back the “true taste of things” by minimizing the farm-to-fork distance, producing organically, locally and reducing the risks associated with outsourcing their supply of rare, special, tasteful herbs, flowers and rare micro vegetables. “This is not just a question of taste, of health, of environment sustainability, it’s also for those chefs a question of competition,” says Pekka Teräva...and the word “competition” has a true meaning on that special day in Lyon.

“Most Chefs that we have met or met again at the Bocuse d’Or have their own herb garden, simply because it’s a must in today’s highly competitive cooking environment,” says Pierre Blime. Emmanuel Renaut in Megève has snow covering his herb garden 6 months a year, Sturla Birgisson’s herb garden, 100 meters from his restaurant in cannot grow all that he wants all year round under the mild but cold climate of Northern Iceland. Most chefs in the inner city centers of Lyon, Paris, Geneva or London have scrapped plans to start or extend their herb gardens and are instead looking into indoor solutions because of pollution and the risk to contaminate clients. But whether it is for seasonal (French Alps), climatic (Iceland) or pollution (Lyon, Paris & London) reasons, all master chefs we met are seeking a clear, no-sweat, tested solution that requires no more time and attention than stepping outside to harvest their home garden on a need-basis. That is the simple angle from which their prime interest for the NATUFIA technology originates.

NATUFIA understood that need already three years ago. It took three years of intensive technology and botanic research for Natufia Labs to put together a solution to this problem shared by most chefs that are now in rupture with sourcing their restaurant with industrially produced ingredients.

"Now that we are ready to go to market, we just needed to come back to the SIRHA and the Bocuse d’Or and have a few last minute discussions and a few orders from the top chefs in order to reassure ourselves that we have indeed invested all those years in the right directions: Sustainability, traceability and above all the recovery of the True Original Taste (TOT). We are soon expecting to be certified “Food for Good” by the British Sustainable Restaurant Association, the last step before we can start to effectively respond to the expectations of many cooking and kitchen professionals." concludes Pierre.

Pierre Blime with *** Chef Renaut of Megeve Flocons de Sel, also a former candidate representing France at the Bocuse.

Pierre Blime with Estonian Bocuse Jury President Dimitri Demjanov

The winning team of coaches for the US

Competitors a few minutes before starting

NATUFIA's Advisor Chef Pierre Mathon discussing with Honorary President and Master Chef Joel Robuchon, former laureate.

Pierre Blime conversing with Madagascar Chef Geney

Pierre Blime with Icelandic Master Chef and Head Jury Sturla Birgisson

Pierre Blime with top Finnish Chef and Bocuse d'Or Jury Pekka Terävä

With the Top Master Chef Christopher W. Davidsen of Trondheim, Candidate for Norway and who ranked second. Picture taken a few minutes before the announcement.

Michelin *** Chef Emmanuel Renaut cooking specially for the NATUFIA team

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