NATUFIA at Bocuse d’Or

January 31, 2017

What is Bocuse d’Or? Well I am glad you asked. Every two years, after many months of preparation, 24 of the most promising chefs in the world experience two days of intense competition — think of it as the equivalent of the Olympics for professional cooks that takes place at the SIRHA International Hotel in Lyon, France.

During this contest, the chefs have to give their very best in order to try and win the most beautiful trophy in the world of gastronomy. Before taking part in the finale, the participants had first to earn their qualification via continental selection events: Bocuse d’Or Europe, Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific and Bocuse d’Or Latin America.

This final test reveals to the world the best talents in culinary arts from all over the planet. Created in 1987 by Paul Bocuse with the purpose of highlighting the chefs’ talent and excellence. Paul Bocuse's main restaurant is one of a small number of restaurants in France to receive the coveted three-star rating by the Michelin Guide.

What do Michelin stars mean? 

  • If a chef receives one Michelin star it means that the food is of a high quality and the restaurant would be a good place to visit.
  • Two stars suggest that the food is excellent and the dishes have been carefully created.
  • Three stars are given if the food is exceptional and the ingredients are of the highest standard.

NATUFIA was at the competition to meet with the different teams from 24 countries that competed this year. The Bocuse d’Or competition allowed NATUFIA to ensure that top chefs and leaders in high-end dining experience are aware of our product and its uses in the industry.

Our Director of Sales, Pierre Blime, thought it was an incredible success. His experience at this Bocuse d’Or was triumphant:

“This year the vegetarian dish competition could make the difference. It’s a nice sign that the Committee and especially the leading Chefs of the world are paying more and more attention to the sustainable meaning of what people have on their plates."

In the finals in Lyon, France, a team of American chefs won the biennial Bocuse d’Or culinary competition for the first time in the contest’s 30-year history. Pierre was there first hand to congratulate the team and their achievement.

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